OST "God Of War" (2LP/Ltd/Coloured)

Game Soundtrack
A1 God Of War
A2 Memories Of Mother
A3 Witch Of The Woods
A4 Lullaby Of The Giants
A5 Ashes
B6 Peaks Pass
B7 A Giant's Prayer
B8 The Dragon
B9 Mimir
B10 Magni and Modi
B11 Echoes Of An Old Life
B12 Helheim
C13 The Healing
C14 The Reach Of Your Godhood
C15 Stone Mason
C16 Valkyries
C17 Deliverance
D18 Salvation
D19 The Ninth Realm
D20 The Summit
D21 Epilogue

Состояние пластинки/конверта - NEW
Год выпуска - 2021
Страна производитель - EU