OST "Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix" (Nicholas Hooper) 2LP PD

A2 Professor Umbridge 2:35
A3 Another Story 2:41
A4 Dementors In The Underpass 1:45
A5 Dumbledore's Army 2:42
A6 Hall Of Prophecy 4:27
B1 Possession 3:20
B2 The Room Of Requirement 6:09
B3 The Kiss 1:56
B4 A Journey To Hogwarts 2:54
B5 The Sirius Deception 2:36
C1 Death Of Sirius 3:58
C2 Umbridge Spoils A Beautiful Morning 2:40
C3 Darkness Takes Over 2:58
C4 The Ministry Of Magic 2:48
C5 The Sacking Of Trelawney 2:15
C6 Flight Of The Order Of The Phoenix 1:34
C7 Loved Ones And Leaving 3:15

Состояние пластинки/конверта - NEW
Год выпуска - 2015
Страна производитель - EU