Hans Zimmer "The Ring" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2LP (COLOURED)

A1 Funerals Suck / Mother & Child
A2 Katie’s Face / Katie’s Room
A3 No More Faces / Research
A4 Wednesday / First Viewing
A5 Apartments / Voice Mail Sucks
A6 Pretty Fly For A White Girl / Snakes And Ladders
A7 Interview With A Vampire / Ahh, Lighthouse
A8 Smart Is Sexy
A9 Super Mom / Aidan Sees The Tape
B10 Page After Page / Montages-R-Us / Ferry Boat To Ride
B11 Brown Horse Down
B12 You In Here Anna? / In Motion / Knock
B13 VHS Sucks
B14 Survey Says / Aidan’s Painting
B15 Imminent Snoopage
B16 Rachel Realizes
C17 In The Barn
C18 Day 7, Shelter Mountain / God I Hate Television
C19 Shoo, Flies! / Um, Why Is The Lid Shutting? / Floating
C20 Just Hold Me / Mom, Dad, Blanket
C21 Morning Sunshine / This Is Gunna Leave A Mark… / Run
C22 Burn Baby Burn
D23 The Ring Suite
D24 Carousel Music Box
D25 The Ring Theme (Wild At MV)
D26 Samara’s Song
D27 The Ring Theme (Wild At Air)

Состояние конверта/пластинки - New
Год выпуска - 2023
Страна производитель - US