Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein "Stranger Things 2 " (2LP/Ltd. Coloured)

Various Artists

A1 Walkin In Hawkins
A2 Home
A3 Eulogy
A4 On The Bus
A5 Presumptuous
A6 Eight Fifteen
A7 The First Lie
A8 Scars
A9 I Can Save Them
B1 Descent Into The Rift
B2 Chicago
B3 Looking For A Way Out
B4 Birth / Rescue
B5 In The Woods
B6 Digging
B7 Symptoms
B8 Eggo In The Snow
B9 Soldiers
C1 Choices
C2 Never Tell
C3 She Wants Me To Find Her
C4 Shouldn't Have Lied
C5 It's A Trap
C6 Crib
C7 The Return
D1 Escape
D2 We Go Out Tonight
D3 Connect The Dots
D4 The Hub
D5 On Edge
D6 What Else Did You See?
D7 Run
D8 Levitation
D9 To Be Continued

Состояние конверт/пластинка - NEW
Год выпуска - 2017
Страна производитель - EU