Mikael Tariverdiev "Film Music" (3LP-box)

A1 Boys And The Sea - Part One
A2 Boys And The Sea - Part Two
A3 Dance At The Stadium (From 'The Man Follows The Sun' 1961)
A4 Waltz (From The Long Day' 1960)
A5 My Younger Brother
A6 The Last Romantic
A7 Evening Cafe
A8 Summer Blues
A9 All This Jazz
B1 A La Invenzia
B2 Don't Be Sad - Instrumental
B3 Waltz (From The Last Thief)
B4 Unfinished Recording
B5 Russian Ragtime
B6 Dolphins
B7 You Have Such Eyes
B8 Goodbye Boys
C1 On Tsvetochnaya Street
C2 A Moment
C3 Prelude For Ket
C4 Roads
C5 Couple In A Cafe
C6 Expectation Of The New Year
C7 Snow Over Leningrad
C8 No One's Home
D1 Along My Street For Many Years
D2 What Is Happening To Me?
D3 I Like
D4 Aria For A Moscow Guest
D5 I Asked The Ash Tree
D6 I Asked The Mirror
D7 The Third Stroitelnaya Street
D8 Melody
D9 The Last Waltz
E1 I Love
E2 Morning Clouds
E3 Moscow Morning
E4 Moscow Morning - Variation
E5 Morning In The Mountains
E6 Prelude For Cello And Piano
E7 Nocturne
E8 I Am Writing To You By Accident
E9 On The Scout
F1 Over The Fields The Twilight Is Indistinct
F2 Your Voice
F3 Accordion Waltz
F4 It Happens
F5 Until Tomorrow
F6 Don't Be Sad - Vocal Variation
F7 I Am A Tree

Состояние пластинки/конверта - NEW
Год выпуска - 2015
Страна производитель - UK