Justin Hurwitz "Babylon (Music From The Motion Picture)" 2LP

A1 Welcome
A2 Manny And Nellie’s Theme
A3 King Of The Circus
A4 Jub Jub
A5 Coke Room
A6 My Girl’s Pussy
A7 Miss Idaho
A8 Voodoo Mama
A9 Gold Coast Rhythm (Wallace Party)
A10 Ain't Life Grand
A11 Babylon
B12 Morning
B13 Kinescope Cacophony
B14 Night On Bald Mountain
B15 Herman’s Hustle
B16 Gold Coast Sunset
B17 Champagne
B18 Wild Child
B19 New York
B20 See You Back In LA
C1 Red Devil
C2 I Want A Man
C3 Orientally Yours
C4 Gimmie
C5 Singin’ In The Rain
C6 Pharaoh John
C7 Meet Miss Laroy
C8 Call Me Manny
C9 Hearst Party
C10 Damascus Thump
D11 Toad
D12 Blockhouse
D13 Jack’s Party Band
D14 Gold Coast Rhythm (Jack’s Party)
D15 Levántete
D16 Señor Avocado
D17 Heyo
D18 Gold Coast Rhythm (Juan Bonilla)
D19 Te Amo Nellie
D20 Gold Coast Rhythm (Sidney’s Solo)
D21 Manny And Nellie’s Theme (Reprise)
D22 Finale

Состояние конверта/пластинки - New
Год выпуска - 2023
Страна производитель - EU