Poco "Collected" 2LP

A1 My Kind Of Love
A2 Pickin' Up The Pieces
A3 You Better Think Twice
A4 C'Mon (Live)
A5 Just For Me And You
A6 A Good Feelin' To Know
A7 And Settlin' Down
B1 Brass Buttons
B2 Faith In The Families
B3 High And Dry
B4 Keep On Tryin'
B5 Rose Of Cimarron
B6 Indian Summer
C1 Crazy Love
C2 Heart Of The Night
C3 Barbados
C4 Under The Gun
C5 Widowmaker
C6 Sea Of Heartbreak
C7 Shoot For The Moon
D1 Days Gone By
D2 Call It Love
D3 Nothin' To Hide
D4 If Your Heart Needs A Hand
D5 Honky Tonk Down Stairs (Live)
D6 Neil Young

Состояние конверта/пластинки - New
Год выпуска - 2023
Страна производитель - EU