Stars On 45 "Stars On 45 Longplay Album (Volume II)"

Track A1 (5:10)
A1-01 Star Wars Main Title
A1-02 Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)
A1-03 Kung-Fu Fighting
A1-04 Layla
A1-05 Alright Now
A1-06 Fire
A1-07 Do You Think I'm Sexy
A1-08 Ma Baker
A1-09 Y.M.C.A.
A1-10 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
A1-11 Don't Stop (Till You Get Enough)
A1-12 Theme From Mash
A1-13 The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
A1-14 Overture From Tommy
A1-15 Get Off
A1-16 Stars On 45
A1-17 Baker Street
A1-18 Bette Davis' Eyes
A1-19 Eve Of The War

Track A2 (6:10)

A2-01 Stars On 45 (2)
A2-02 Papa Was A Rolling Stone
A2-03 Dance To The Music
A2-04 Sugar Baby Love
A2-05 Papa Was A Rolling Stone
A2-06 Let's Go To San Francisco
A2-07 A Horse With No Name
A2-08 Monday Monday
A2-09 San Francisco
A2-10 California Dreamin'
A2-11 Eve Of Destruction
A2-12 Cracklin' Rosie
A2-13 Do Wah Diddy
A2-14 A Lover's Concerto
A2-15 Reach Out I'll Be There
A2-16 Sound Of Silence
Track A3 (6:21)
A2-17 Tears Of A Clown
A2-18 Stop In The Name Of Love
A2-19 Love Child
A2-20 Reflections
A2-21 Someday We'll Be Together
A2-22 Stars On 45
A2-23 Baby Love
A2-24 Love Is Here And Now You're Gone
A2-25 Where Did Our Love Go
A2-26 I Hear A Symphony
A2-27 You Keep Me Hanging On
A2-28 Ain't No Mountain High Enough
A2-29 Stars On 45 (2)

Track B1 (8:30)

B1-01 Stars On 45 (2)
B1-02 Voulez-Vous
B1-03 S.O.S.
B1-04 Bang A Boomerang
B1-05 Money Money
B1-06 Knowing Me Knowing You
B1-07 Fernando
B1-08 The Winner Takes It All
B1-09 Souper Trouper (Long Version)
B1-10 Stars On 45
B1-11 Dum Dum Diddle
B1-12 Lay All Your Love On Me
B1-13 On And On And On
B1-14 Super Trouper
B1-15 Summer Night City
B1-16 Gimme Gimme
B1-17 Stars On 45 (2)
B2 '45 Stars Get Ready 7:08

Состояние пластинки/конверта - NM/NM
Год выпуска - 1981
Страна производитель - Netherlands

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