Paul McCartney ‎"Tug Of War" 2LP

A1 Tug Of War
A2 Take It Away
A3 Somebody Who Cares
A4 What's That You're Doing?
A5 Here Today
B1 Ballroom Dancing
B2 The Pound Is Sinking
B3 Wanderlust
B4 Get It
B5 Be What You See (Link)
B6 Dress Me Up As A Robber
B7 Ebony And Ivory
C1 Stop, You Don't Know Where She Came From (Demo)
C2 Wanderlust (Demo)
C3 Ballroom Dancing (Demo)
C4 Take It Away (Demo)
C5 The Pound Is Sinking (Demo)
C6 Something That Don't Happen (Demo)
D1 Ebony And Ivory (Demo)
D2 Dress Me Up As A Robber / Robber Riff (Demo)
D3 Ebony And Ivory (Solo Version)
D4 Rainclouds
D5 I'll Give You A Ring

Состояние конверта/пластинки - NEW
Год выпуска - 2015
Страна производитель - EU