Branford Marsalis (OST NETFLIX FILM) "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" 2LP (CoLoured)

  1. Deep Moaning Blues (Feat. Maxayn Lewis)
  2. El Train
  3. Lazy Mama
  4. Chicago Sun
  5. Those Dogs of Mine (Feat. Viola Davis)
  6. Hear Me Talking to You (Instrumental)
  7. The Story of Memphis Green
  8. Jump Song
  9. Leftovers
  10. Shoe Shopping
  11. Deep Henderson

  1. Reverend Gates
  2. Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (Feat. Maxayn Lewis)
  3. Levee's Song
  4. Sweet Lil' Baby of Mine (Feat. Clint Johnson)
  5. In the Shadow of Joe Oliver
  6. Hear Me Talking to You (Feat. Maxayn Lewis)
  7. Levee and Dussie
  8. Levee Confronts God
  9. Sandman
  10. Baby, Let Me Have It All (Feat. Clint Johnson)
  11. Toledo's Song
  12. Chicago at Sunset
  13. Skip, Skat, Doodle-do (Feat. Cedric Watson)

Состояние конверт/пластинка - NEW
Год выпуска - 2021
Страна производитель - USA & Europe