Brownie McGhee And Sonny Terry "Brownie McGhee And Sonny Terry Sing"

A1 Better Day 3:06
A2 Confusion 3:21
A3 Dark Road 2:45
A4 John Henry 4:05
A5 Make A Little Money 3:48
A6 Old Jabo 2:12
A7 The Midnight Special 2:36
B1 If You Lose Your Money 2:44
B2 Guitar Highway 2:37
B3 Heart In Sorrow 3:00
B4 Preachin' The Blues 2:33
B5 Can't Help Myself 3:19
B6 Best Of Friends 3:13
B7 Boogie Baby 2:31
B8 Raise A Ruckus Tonight 2:49

Состояние пластинки/конверта - NEW
Год выпуска - 2018
Страна производитель - EU

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