Busta Rhymes "When Disaster Strikes..." LTD

Old School
A1.1 Intro Part 1
A1.2 Intro Part 2
A1.3 Intro Part 3
A2 The Whole World Lookin' At Me
A3 Survival Hungry
A4 When Disaster Strikes
A5 So Hardcore
B1 Get High Tonight
B2 Turn It Up
B3 Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See
B4 There's Not A Problem My Squad Can't Fix
C1 We Could Take It Outside
C2 Rhymes Galore
C3 Things We Be Doin' For Money Part 1
C4 Things We Be Doin' For Money Part 2
D1 One
D2 Dangerous
D3 The Body Rock
D4 Get Off My Block
D5 Outro (Preparation For The Final World Front)

Состояние конверт/пластинка - NEW
Год выпуска - 2023
Страна производитель - Europe